What is the secret to Fashion Nova’s enduring time?

Fashion Nova has continued to be popular with consumers since it opened its online store from 2013 to 2022.

In 2018, as fashion brands surpassed Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Versace’s rising star brand Fashion Nova, winning the first place in Google search volume that year. It’s the only mass fashion brand in the top few on the list, and perhaps one you’ve never heard of before.

So how exactly did Fashion Nova endure?

What is the secret to Fashion Nova's enduring time?

Originally with only 60,000 followers on Instagram, Fashion Nova has ballooned to more than 21.15 million so far, becoming an online shopping platform for many overseas fashion girls. The success of this rising online fashion star is based on four key points:

From brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce

Fashion Nova started as a brick-and-mortar store, with the first store opened in Panorama City in 2006 by founder Richard Saghian.

Following Fashion Nova’s top Google search list in 2018, in May 2019 it launched the second season of the Cardi B series, featuring Cardi B, YG, Blueface and Lil Nas X performances. In November 2020, Fashion Nova released a collection with Megan Thee Stallion, which reportedly generated $1.2 million in sales in the first 24 hours after its launch. Fashion Nova launched its swimwear collection in June 2021 to increase the diversity of its clothing categories.

What is the secret to Fashion Nova's enduring time?

Fashion Nova’s steady growth over the years is inseparable from its marketing strategy. Since opening its online store from 2013 to 2022, Fashion Nova has gradually gained popularity on the Internet through continuous investment in influencer marketing.

From offline physical stores to online e-commerce sales models, Fashion Nova has well grasped the trend of the times, marketed on international mainstream social media, and let more users understand the brand through Internet celebrities, celebrity videos, graphics and grass, so that a mass brand has gained a firm foothold in the fashion industry.

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Get up to date quickly

Saghian likes to define his brand products as “ultra-fast fashion”, and Fashion Nova launches more than 1,000 new products every week, and the company is known to spend 48 hours designing and manufacturing a new product.

What is the secret to Fashion Nova's enduring time?

After the product is produced, beautiful pictures related to clothes will be quickly uploaded to Instagram, and the continuous speed of updating has also made consumers continue to buy back the brand’s products, resulting in user stickiness.

Part of what makes Fashion Nova have such a fast supply chain capability is due to the company’s partnerships with more than 1,000 manufacturers, most of whom are located in the Los Angeles area.

And one important thing to mention: Fashion Nova restocks frequently, the hottest items are often restocked within three business days.

The founder saw the pain points that people like to be fresh and want to avoid the embarrassment of colliding, so he valued the diversity of styles. At this time, the ability to quickly update the new provides a boost to the popularity of Fashion Nova.

And payment on Fashion Nova is also convenient for customers.

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Updated women’s fashion definitions

While most people are focused on everyday wear, CEO Richard Saghian sees a blue ocean in the women’s clothing market and believes that it should highlight women’s curves, bring sexy suits and jeans to the forefront of the affordable fashion industry, and redefine women’s fashion.

At the same time, Rchard Saghian’s brand account on social media Instagram is also equivalent to building a community, brands interact with their consumers in the community every day, continue to update, understand consumer demands, to ensure that they can efficiently produce the products that consumers really need, and gain insight into consumers from the source.

What is the secret to Fashion Nova's enduring time?

Undoubtedly, this is an important link in the stickiness between the brand and the customer, which can make the target user have a sense of participation in the process, reach a deep connection with the brand, and increase the user’s favorability of the brand.

On their website, you can see a section called “curve”, which in layman’s terms can be thought of as a plus-size zone, designed for girls who are not so perfect. With Fashion Nova, they redefine “curves”, no longer see plump women as “fat”, they are just “big S”, they can also dress confidently, and they can be as beautiful and sexy as “Kardashian”. So “curve” is also a very important marketing selling point for Fashion Nova.

On the official website of Fashion Nova, each series of products includes a variety of body sizes, its design is more in line with the European and American figures, and the size setting is more selective. This is something that many retailers overlook, namely the size and fit of the clothes, which is one of the reasons why Fashion Nova stands out.

Moreover, a Fashion Nova dress sells for only $10-30, and the affordable fashion also makes it attract more followers.Before people knew what SHEIN was, many girls were already buying on Fashion Nova’s website. It is understood that the website brought more than $400 million in revenue in just 18 months after its launch.

Work with thousands of KOLs

Fashion Nova’s success also comes from influencer marketing, from 2017 to 2021, the brand selected thousands of influencers with a large number of followers on Instagram to form a huge network of long-term and planned marketing strategies.

Fashion Nova updates Instagram roughly every 30 minutes and has published 75,000 posts so far. Fashion Nova’s entire Instagram page is full of “Kardashian” styles, and many girls fantasize about having Kardashian’s hourglass body, they tend to think that as long as they wear Fashion Nova’s clothes, they can look like gold. Kardashian is just as good-looking, sexy, and hot.

What is the secret to Fashion Nova's enduring time?

A search for #Fashion Nova on Instagram yields 10.29 million posts, also known on the internet as “viral clothing marketing.” The brand selects influencers all over the world, and each of them is presenting the brand Fashion Nova with their unique personality, which means that there are thousands of independent individuals around the world who speak for Fashion Nova.

In various social media observations, it will also be found that Internet celebrities can often receive millions of likes by publishing Fashion Nova-related clothing and accessories on international mainstream media such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, and the promotion of Internet celebrities is constantly breaking through boundaries and striving to become an opinion leader in the fashion industry, but also showing the Internet celebrity’s own fashion attitude.

Fashion Nova’s top influencer Cardi B., Saghian (founder), says he’s one of their favorite partners.The cooperation model is to wear brand clothing and take photos to upload on social platforms, as long as she posts a few photos of clothing wearing Fashion Nova, she can quickly create momentum for the brand, set off a boom, her fans will soon buy the same model, data shows that each post of Cardi B can bring about $128,000 in sales value to Fashion Nova.

Over the past decade, Fashion Nova has become a good quality household name overseas, with nearly 30 million followers across all social media platforms, working with more than 3,000 well-known celebrities and Instagram influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Amber Rose, whose fans are spread all over the world, which is also Fashion One of the important key factors in NOVA’s success.


Richard Saghian, CEO of Fashion Nova, has said: “I believe that as long as we focus on providing the best products at the best prices and adopt a fast design launch model, we will continue to grow. ”

In addition to the founders’ affordability and speed, Fashion Nova’s success can be largely attributed to the use of influencers on social media platforms for marketing.

If you are not satisfied with cloth, you can cancel your Fashion Nova order easily.

This is an era when the wine aroma is still afraid of the deep alley, and the birth of various brands and products is bound to make the market competition more and more fierce, but at the same time, there are also huge opportunities for merchants who want to go overseas. A proper marketing strategy must be crucial for the brand, and enterprises that want to go overseas need to grasp the strategic points of Internet celebrity marketing, accurately reach the target group through the promotion of Internet celebrities, so as to achieve conversion and help the company’s brand overseas plan!

Does Hand Tattoos Hurt?

Tattooing is the use of needles to pierce the skin, no matter where it is tattooed, it will cause pain, and tattooing on the hand is no exception.

Generally speaking, the pain in the part of the body with more flesh will be weaker, but if it is a place where the bones are protruding and there are few muscles, the pain will be stronger when tattooing, and the hand is exactly such a place, so the tattoo on the hand is more painful than other places.

Tattoos, also commonly known as tattoos, are needles with ink inserted into the bottom layer of the skin to create some patterns or words on it. In today’s society, many young people have a soft spot for tattoos and always think it’s cool. And all parts of the body can be tattooed, including the hands, of course. So does hand tattoo hurt?

Does the tattoo hurt on the hand?  

The tattoo is pierced into the skin with a needle with ink, and there will be pain no matter where the tattoo is made, but the severity of the pain is not the same in different parts.

Generally speaking, where there is more meat, the weaker the pain will be when tattooing, while where the bones are prominent, there are fewer muscles, and there are more nerves, the pain will be stronger when tattooing. The muscles on the hands are relatively few, and the bones are prominent, so the tattoo hurts more than most other places.  

The harm of tattoo tattoos on the hands 

Skin allergies  

Many of the pigments used in tattoos are chemicals, and these chemicals entering the human body through the skin on the hands may cause inflammation and allergies, which in turn will lead to local skin itching and pain, as well as burning and numbness, and in severe cases, cell mutations.

Bacterial infection  

Tattooing is actually a needle tip on the skin, and if you tattoo on the hand, it will cause harm to the skin cells and nerve cells of the hands. The skin is the body’s first line of defense, protecting against external mechanical, physical and chemical stimuli. If you get a tattoo on your hand, the resistance of the skin of your hand will be reduced, which can easily lead to bacterial infection.  

Skin cancer  

The pigments used in tattoos are also heavy metals such as lead and chromium, which are potentially harmful to the human body, and if you always get tattooed frequently, you will often leave a lot of toxins on the skin of the body, thereby inducing skin cancer. 

To sum up, tattoos are painful, especially for people with sensitive physiques, try to avoid tattoos on the hands. You should also pay attention on hand tattoo aftercare.

If there is a need for tattoos, it is also necessary to choose a formal beauty institution to avoid a series of skin diseases and infectious diseases due to improper operation or incomplete disinfection of the instruments, to help hand tattoo healing better.

How much does Ashley Piercing cost?

Ashley piercing generally cost about 30~500 yuan.

The cost of ashley piercing is different mainly because the way of lip nails is different, so the cost is different. The effect of ashley piercing and piercing ears is the same, adding people’s beauty and high-grade sense, but there may be pain during the beating, and there will be wounds after beating, so after lip nails should be well cared for, including the hygiene care of the wound, usually pay attention to diet, develop good living habits, so that the wound can avoid ashley piercing infection and recover faster.

There are two ways to get lip nails

Ashley piercing usually have two kinds of powerful gun and hand fighting, but to first disinfect, decide the position of the good fight, and then use the gun to hit the hand, hit the field disinfection, and then locate with a clamp with a ring, clamp a little on the steel needle about 10cm long, through the tail of the steel needle, 80 empty, there are nails of your choice, after passing through the steel needle, the nail will remain in the hole, after the lip nail, to do a good job of disinfection of the wound.

Lip studs cannot be hit by themselves

It is recommended to go to a regular hospital, professional and standardized medical behavior, which can effectively avoid infection and obtain better results.

Ashley piercing aftercare is also important.

Position selection of lip nails

Lip spikes can be on the side of the mouth, in the middle of the mouth, or there is a type of lip nail demon nail, which is one on each side of the mouth.